From our humble beginnings over a home-brewed beer at a kitchen table to a state-of-the-art brewery, Miner Brewing Company has grown into a South Dakota staple.

Over a beer at their kitchen table, Sandi Vojta and her husband Matt discussed their desire to create a truly “unique
South Dakota experience.”

With an affinity for the Midwest, a love of local, seasonal ingredients, and a desire to carry on a five-generation tradition of handcrafting beverages in South Dakota, the answer was clear.

On that day, Prairie Berry Winery was born.

Fifteen years later, with this same vision in mind, Miner Brewing Company was opened in 2013 down the hill from Prairie Berry.

As Brewmaster, Sandi’s goal is to craft beers that people can enjoy every day, something familiar that they can relate to. She brings meticulous care to the process and closely monitors quality at each step of creating our beer.

She emphasizes keeping her beer fresh by using local ingredients when possible and heavily relies on the water on-site.

According to Sandi, the water is the most important ingredient in crafting Miner Brewing Company’s beers: “It’s from the water that we get our unique flavors and our distinctive style.”

In 2018, we opened the doors at the Miner Brewing Company and Prairie Berry Winery Taproom in Sioux Falls, bringing our award-winning wines and an array of craft beers to our East River friends.

Located in the Western Mall, our Sioux Falls taproom also features a small-batch pilot brewing system for Brewmaster Sandi to develop new beers.

Sadly, we closed its doors in November of 2022.

With a selection of year-round beers crafted to reflect the more traditional, European-inspired styles, as well as a unique selection of specialty and seasonal beers, Sandi hopes to showcase as much of the uniqueness of South Dakota as possible.

By staying true to her heritage and family legacy, but innovating through regional ingredients and recipes, she is excited to be a part of the craft beer and beverage movement which so many are enjoying today.


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